Brian Luker

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Brian accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour on 20th October 1962 and Baptised on 25th February 1968 at Salisbury Chapel, Hertfordshire where he met his wife Angela, a few years later. They have a son and daughter and are grandparents.

Brian joined the Ministry team in 2007 after moving to St Neots from Hertfordshire in 2004 where he had been and Elder at Potters Bar Baptist Church.

Prior to retiring early, due to Multiple Sclerosis, Brian worked in the Construction Industry as a Building Service Engineer. Although his Multiple Sclerosis affects him in many ways he loves his Lord and believes without a shadow of doubt He can heal him. However Brian’s seeks to be a witness for his Lord and if he can touch more lives while having Multiple Sclerosis than without it, that’s his desire. This is a poem Brian wrote concerning his MS.